double-edgedThem big developers no longer give us games like the ones in the good old days, like the classic Golden Axe, for example. Fortunately, indie developers create some quality flash games to remind us of the times and prove once more that quality can coexist alongside simplicity and fun doesn’t always mean having tens of buttons to press. A title in this category is today’s free flash game of the day, Double Edged, a great side-scrolling beat’em up like in the good old days. For real!

Developed by Nitrome (which should be enough for starters to tell that you’re up for a treat), Double Edged puts you in the shoes of a brave warrior that can even be joined by a friend, on the same computer, using the same keyboard! Now that’s a real treat! And even more action and enemies to handle!

Just in like any classic side scrolling hack and slash (because that’s what Double Edged actually is), you simply have to destroy all the enemies from the beginning to the end, using special attacks, using the environment for help and changing weapons according to your style. Still, even though fun enough to play, Double Edged doesn’t deliver a full, complete set of things you can do: there are no power-ups and just a special attack, the enemies generally look the same and you will eventually get used to it, but since this game is offered for free and it’s developed in flash, we can accept the minuses.

Especially since the Pro’s are so many: an active, hot soundtrack, varied end-level bosses, great visuals and easy gameplay, plus the classic, old time fun! So really, we have some true quality here in Double Edged and I urge you to follow the link and play it ASAP. With a friend, if possible!