use-boxemenToday’s free flash game of the day is an amazing puzzler/platformer title from BubbleBox – Use Boxmen. It might not be suitable for the end of the week – when we don’t want to do some extra thinking, but instead we’d love to simply relax with our flash game, but the truth is that Use Boxmen is so cool and entertaining that we simply can’t name another game the “game of the day…”

The goal in Use Boxmen is easy: you have to get your character from point A to point B, avoiding tons of obstacles. The twist comes from the fact that your character can get cloned you can simply call a copy of your character and, by using your own movement, make it do what you want to. Do you want the clone to hit a switch? Simply run in that direction and let it go – it will continue the journey by itself. And so on – the Boxmen can interact with each other, and they can really do all sorts of stuff to help you. Only if it was that obvious what you have to do…

Apparently, Use Boxmen comes with just a few levels – 14 seems like a small number, especially since the first 4-5 levels can be finished in a couple of minutes. But the real challenge only begins in the later stages, as it usually happens, and you’ll have to do lots of thinking to solve the puzzles and get to finish the game.

All in all, Use Boxmen is a true flash game of the day, with simple yet amazing visuals, a soundtrack that would sound better if it was missing, but overall with bags of entertainment. Personally, I am waiting for a sequel. Until then, we can all play the original!