Recently, many gamers were really excited to find out that Contra: Evolution has been launched for the iPhone and iPad. The great game that we so much enjoyed during our childhood (or at least some of us did) is now back in a pocket edition and we are here to share with you a set of Contra: Evolution cheats, tips and tricks to help you get the most out of the game. And since we’re sure that this is the reason why you are here, let’s check out these tips and tricks below for Contra: Evolution!

1. Try to stay alive: if you lose a life, you will lose the special bullets you are currently using and you don’t want that to happen!

2. Focus on unlocking the new characters: you can unlock Ricci by completing the Arcade mode, while Sally can be unlocked if you get 55 badges in Mission mode.

3. Try to get as many badges in mission mode. Except for the potential of unlocking Sally sooner, you also earn more money if you get more badges.

4. When dealing with bosses, the best way to defeat them is to use the upgraded super bullets. Yeah, we know!

5. Try to log in daily: you will receive sweet bonuses that will make your life as a commando a lot easier.

6. You want to play it as hardcore as possible and turn off the auto shooting? You can do so in the Options menu!

7. Get the power-ups: you will see them floating around after killing enemies, make sure that you get them all – and learn what each does to know which are your favorite ones!

8. Run and jump: for some reason, this seems to be the best approach to battles: run and jump, while keeping an eye on the screen for all the bullets coming your way. When there are many enemies coming your way, it’s best to stop and shoot them all and only afterwards continue.

9. Destroy everything: you really can’t tell which item will give you a power-up, so make sure you shoot and destroy everything in sight!

And this would be it for now, some very basic Contra: Evolution tips and tricks for the iPhone game. I hope that you find them useful!