Age of Wushu in America or Age of Wulin, in Europe, is an open world MMORPG that features martial arts and countless options for PvP. Set in ancient China, the game offers players the possibility to join one of the eight schools and rise up as a judicator hero or a deadly villain, the choice is always yours. As in every MMO, getting huge amounts of money is vital in order to obtain additional skills and superior gear. In Wushu and Wulin, there are two different types of currency, the bound Silver coins and the unbound Silver Liang. When it comes to trade with other players, it’s the Liang option that matters. So, what are the best and fastest ways to get Liang in this oriental title?

1. Kidnapping

Every Hour I know, it’s a pure evil activity, to kidnap and sell offline players but it gives a lot of income. It can be done every hour, so if you actually play a lot, you’ll end up doing huge amounts of Liang a day just from grabbing other players and sell them as slaves. Note that the rewards received increase dramatically if you’re VIP.

2. Buying Paid Items from the Store

Not everyone can afford special items with Dollars or Euros. However, players are normally willing to buy those same items with Liang. Buying costumes and horses from the store and selling them in the market, will grant you quick and easy Liang.

3. Doing Instances

Playing against environmental creature through instances is one of the best ways to be rich in this title. You don’t actually get gear from killing bosses, but you’ll have the chance to roll recipes for secondary professions, valuable materials, fly skills, books and many other items that can only be obtainable in instances. Note that each instance has its own loot.

4. Gathering Primary Materials

Everyone needs them and they’re fairly easy to get, as they’re all over the world – ores, wood, herbs, fishes, animals. As every primary profession can be learnt, players can use them all to farm raw materials and sell them. The market has its demands, and gathering the materials that are low in stock, may be your solution for money issues.

5. Producing Valuable Items with a Secondary Profession

As stated above, gear and weapons can’t be attained through PvE, players must craft and sell them. Everyone needs gear and getting a specific piece may be harder than you think. Besides, consumables like pills, boosts, foods and poisons are always needed, since they’re extremely useful in combat.

6. Enchant Materials

In order to enchant armor, jewelry and weapons, players need certain enchanting materials, lots of them. If not, they are not able to enchant their pieces. Mass producing this type of item will be a most surely successful business.

7. Doing Factions

Factions are mini instances that can be normally done with just one or two players. The drops aren’t that amazing compared to the big instances, however they’re easy to do, and the rare recipes and skill books may be worth your time.

8. School Honor Certificate Badge Boxes

School badges are extremely needed for everyone; they’re used to get high level skills and inner skill levels. Without those badges, players get stuck and won’t be able to level up anymore, which means you can charge high for a single 100 badge box, especially if there’s no one else selling it. You can obtain school honor badges by spying and participating in school wars.

9. Enchant Services

Just as number 6, materials alone can’t be used to enchant an item, a specialist is needed to apply those same materials with a certain profession skill. Note that the higher your secondary profession is, the higher will be your enchant, meaning you can charge more if you’re a grand master or legendary.

10. Collecting Your Own Bounty

In this game, everyone can be evil once in a while, and annoying other players by killing them, for example, may lead into revenge. A bounty in your head may be the end of your playing time for a little bit but if you’re able to collect the money for yourself, then it’s worth staying a few minutes or hours in jail, at least you’re getting paid for sitting in a cell. Asking constable friends to collect your bounty or using an alt is a great solution to get money off your enemies.