WEBZEN announced that the new adaption of MU Online will have a second beta test starting on August 8th and ending on August 21th. MU Rebirth: The Official PvP Server will allow players to explore or re-explore a well known franchise with all the entertainment of an action based server. For this second beta testing phase, the company assured that activation keys won’t be necessary, the beta will be completely free:

Open beta for MU REBIRTH has been postponed to provide gamers a second chance to experience WEBZEN’s new action-packed RPG during the testing period. The Second Beta Celebration will be available to all players and does not require a beta key code for activation.

Additionally, WEBZEN will host two core events for MU Rebirth, that will reward players with in game coins and further cash, if they fulfill the event requirements. The company will be giving away free W points and cash as well, “gamers can visit WEBZEN’s partnering sites to obtain free item codes, which can be redeemed for 3000 cash points.” Those currencies can be sued to purchase armors, weapons, boosts, enchantments and other special items.