gta-v-393-600Rockstar have outlines a number of incentives for people who played the Xbox 360 and PS4 versions of Grand Theft Auto V and are upgrading to the PC, PS4 or Xbox One editions of the game.

Rockstar revealed in a blog post that there will be a mix of both items and activities for players to get their hands on. These include weapons in the form of a powerful Rail Gun, complete with shooting range challenges in Ammu-Nation and a hatchet for melee attacks.

Also included are exclusive vehicles. Returning players will get to experience the classic GTA seaplane, the Dodo, as well as a near-indestructible vehicle; the Imponte Duke O’Death. Rockstar are also offering a monster truck called the Cheval Marshall and a faster, better handling Xero Gas Blimp for cruising around in. Stock car races are also being added, which will see you earn custom muscle cars complete with company logos from across Los Santos.

There are also new events for Michael and Franklin to get stuck into. Michael is following cryptic clues tied to a murder mystery. Once solved players will unlock two new filters, which will give the game a look similar to a film noir.

Franklin gets involved in the Wildlife Photography Challenge, where the LS Tourists Board is asking for someone to catalogue new species spotted in Los Santos and Blaine County. Completing this will give players’ access to the Kraken Sub.

The other revealed challenge is the Mosaic Monkey Challenge, where a street artist has been tagging monkeys across the city. Photographing them will reward you with various monkey outfits and a Go Go Monkey Blista.

You can transfer your GTA Online character over to the new versions of the game; however progress will only be copied once. You will still be able to play on the Xbox 360 and PS3 with the characters afterwards, but you will not be able to carry over your progress after you first import them to the PC/PS4/XBO versions.

All limited and special edition content will be transferred along with you character, regardless of platform.

Finally, there is a pre-order bonus of $1 million GTA dollars to be used in-game, with the proceeds being split 50/50 between your story mode and online characters.

GTA V is making its way to the PS4 and Xbox One on the 18th November, with the PC version arriving on the 27th January 2015.