When I first started this free flash game funnily named Find the Cow, I thought that I will be playing something like “Where is Waldo” but it’s not the case. Instead, I found a pretty interesting puzzle game where our goal was to find a hidden cow by blasting away boxes, match different cows, test our clicking skills and more. Basically, every level is a fun and short challenge here and the game is, overall, very rewarding.

So Find the Cow is a free to play puzzle game available over at Kongregate and you only have 25 levels to complete the game (probably a maximum play time of 20 minutes), which makes it a great addition for one of your coffee breaks at work or just a small break to have some fun.

Unfortunately, even though most of the puzzles are pretty easy to understand, there is a star rating system that seems to be a bit too random and some of the puzzles are way too easy, while none are actually difficult. So probably this was aimed at kids – I don’t really know – but I certainly found it fun and therefore I decided to share it with you.

So head over to Kongregate and play Find the Cow – it’s a nice game overall!