Wizard Walls is that kind of a game that would make an amazing addition to any smartphone out there with touchscreen capabilities, but it works just as well on regular desktop computers and proves to be extremely fun and addictive. And since it’s a flash game available to play for free in our browsers, then we just can’t complain.

The idea behind Wizard Walls is that you are a very odd looking wizard that must protect his hot air balloon or soldiers or caravans from trolls and other little monsters that throw rocks at them, trying to destroy them. And you do this by creating magic walls, walls that will see the rocks bounce back at the attackers and hopefully destroy them.

You are limited to having just three walls active at a given time, and you “draw” them by clicking and dragging your mouse. A very simple mechanic that you’ll get used with during the first few levels and after that you’ll be put to a real test when the number of enemies increases together with the number of rocks thrown at your own people.

The game is incredible fun despite it’s basic concept and the fact that you can buy upgrades and super-powers (like longer lasting walls, a fireball to attack your enemies or various types of new walls) adds some extra incentive to play the game and enjoy it at maximum levels. I sure know I did and I would recommend it to anybody who has several minutes to spare. These minutes will probably turn into “at least half an hour,” but your a Wizard and Wizard Walls required time!

So head over to Kongregate and start playing Wizard Walls for free right now. It’s free, it’s fun, it’s abracadabra!