They might not be the most fit creatures out there and they’re certainly not the best ninjas in the world, but Pigs can cause some major damage if you step on their tail and this is exactly what Kamikaze Pigs offers: really mad pigs who are ready to wreak havoc among fellow pigs.

Although at first the entire idea behind the free to play Kamikaze Pigs might seem completely wrong and quite stupid (pigs in planes destroying other pigs while taking their own lives in the process) eventually you will realize that Kamikaze Pigs is actually a pretty difficult and challenging game that puts your brain to test with its missions.

Therefore, it’s not about the skill you have in this game to destroy as many enemies as possible (as it usually happens in this type of game), but about the whole picture: you can cause an explosion here and cause a chain that takes the entire world down. And that is not something very easy to achieve, and this is exactly what makes this game amazing. Add to that a huge series of upgrades available for purchase and a ton of fun challenges and you will actually be surprised with the depth and overall coolness of Kamikaze Pigs.

If that’s not enough for you, the description from the game’s developer will certainly make you curious at least: “KAMIKAZE PIGS features 40 levels of gameplay for the casual player… or, you can grind it out, and in so doing unlock hidden levels and a bonus Big-Boss! Play through a series of richly detailed environments, including day and night levels! Achieve kill combos of 70, even 80… can you make it to 90? Dozens of challenging achievements and fun upgrades; unlock new features with stars, and buy with in-game cash. Achievements don’t just sit around, either; they offer additional stars towards future upgrades!”

So head over to Kongregate and play Kamikaze Pigs!