Sometimes I like to start the day playing a solid puzzler (and then have some terrible headaches throughout the entire day). The same thing happened today when I started playing Blocks on Kongregate, a pretty cool puzzler that really challenges you even though everything seems so easy at first.

Blocks is basically a match three object but not in the casual genre that we know: you have to make all the blocks disappear on each level and you have a limited number of moves to do it. And it will be often that you’ll realize that a level that seemed really easy when it started actually has a twist – a block that stands somewhere to make your life a lot more difficult. But eventually you will pass the level and feel proud with yourself.

Except for that, there’s not much to be said about Blocks: it starts out like a warm-up, with easy levels that help you get the hang of things, then the levels get more and more difficult – and more types of Blocks are added and you will surely have some great time.

Despite all that and despite the fact that Blocks is really a good game (and it also has 100 levels, which should be enough even for the most demanding players), I started to feel that some extra variety could’ve been welcome. I am thinking explosion, blocks that change colors, power-ups and stuff – or maybe I just got used to playing shooters in the past and can’t really understand a simple yet challenging puzzler.

Either way, as I said, this game is indeed enjoyable and I invite you to check it out over on Kongregate: click here to play Blocks.