Elemental Balance is a really amazing and addictive puzzle game that you can play for free over at Kongregate. Simple in concept, it will certainly get you hooked as soon as you start playing it and you won’t be able to put the game down until you complete it.

The goal in Elemental Balance is to burn wood. Yes, as strange as this might seem, you have to achieve this goal by placing bombs whose blasts launch the wood in different directions – usually towards fire where they burn.

Initially, the game is pretty simple and seems like a walk in the park, but pretty soon you’ll find yourself stuck at a specific level where you must perfectly place the bombs and detonate them in the correct order if you want to succeed. And once you do, you will be really proud with yourself.

The thing I really liked about Elemental Balance is the fact that even though it’s pretty complex and difficult, you don’t really need to go for the game’s walkthrough and you can really find the solution to each level by yourself, even if this means trial and error every now and then and multiple attempts on… multiple levels.

But overall, Elemental Balance is a charming puzzle game and if you want to give it a try, I recommend you to head over to Kongregate and play it.