It’s been several months now since I started the free flash game of the day awards and most of these titles were initially released on Kongregate, therefore turning Kongregate into one of the best places for playing free online flash games. However, since there are tens of thousands of games available there (if not more), I decided to check out the stats and create a list with the top 10 games you can play on Kongregate. So if you wish to play out the best of the best, read on and have fun!

1. Infectonator: World Dominator

The concept behind this amazingly addictive game is quite simple: Infect people, turn them into zombies, and dominate the World! With a sick sense of humor, great retro visuals and tons of gameplay behind it, Infectonator: World Dominator is the number one game available on Kongregate right now. Click here to play it.

2. Upgrade Complete

A really funny game where you have to… upgrade everything in order to win: This game has crummy graphics… UNTIL YOU UPGRADE THE GRAPHICS ENGINE! And no sound? UNTIL YOU BUY IT IN THE SHOP! And no mute button!? You guessed it, this game requires you to buy that as well! Sounds strange? Well… give it a go and see for yourself! Here.

3. Sonny 2

The master of flash RPGs, Sonny 2 is a flawless product, a game every fan of the genre should play. The official description reads: Sonny 2 is a combat based RPG where you play as a Zombie, level up and gain items to advance to the next Zone. It sounds pretty simple and basic, but the game really has a solid engine to keep it running. Just click the link and see for yourself!

4. Music Catch 2

So, you think you know music? Catch all the new shapes, patterns, motions and songs! The task is simple…the more shapes you collect, the more points you get. Yellow shapes still multiply your points, but what does the pulsing color shape do? Unlock new shapes, patterns and even the ability to play your own music as you go further and further into the musical world of Music Catch! Click here to try it out!

5. Mastermind: World Conqueror

Yup, the human race really has no chance on Kongregate with once more title in which you have to destroy it. Manage your minions, defend your base, and conquer this puny planet ONCE AND FOR ALL! Absolutely delicious and you won’t regret a single second you’ve played (except for those cases where you spend hours playing when you should be doing something else!). Click here to test your Mastermind.

6. GemCraft

Tower defense at its best: combine gems to create even more powerful towers and enjoy a perfectly balanced TD game. Havoc and corruption swarms through the land, and you are one of those few wizards who can put an end to it. Create and combine magic gems, put them into your towers and banish the monsters back to hell! Have fun playing the game here.

7. The Company of Myself

The description of this wonderful game is as minimalist as the game itself: “This is a story about a hermit.” And that’s all! Well… that’s not exactly it since we’re talking about a really challenging and fun puzzler/platformer, where the company of yourself is really the only thing you need to proceed. Check out the game and see for yourself, if you haven’t done so already!

8. Toss the Turtle

After all the thinking and the strategy and puzzles, there’s a need for some mindless fun and that’s what Toss the Turtle delivers – up to a point, really. Use cannons, jet packs and bombs to launch the turtle as far as possible! Earn money and buy better weapons to go farther. And sometimes that’s all you need: the desire to go farther and farther. Click here to start tossing the turtle!

9. Learn to Fly

Doesn’t that sound nice? Well, it certainly is, even though you won’t be turned into a new Superman after playing this free flash game. Nor a SuperPenguin, because that’s your main character. Wait – what? Penguins can’t fly you say? Maybe not, but if you give them some rockets, a glider and you use your brain to help them, be sure they will fly. See for yourself here!

10. The Last Stand 2

Last on the list even though not at all a poor title, The Last Stand gives humans the chance to find their revenge against the invading hordes of zombies that kept attacking in most of the games on this list. The mainland is being evacuated through a nearby city, make your way across the state to survive. You have 40 days… Good luck!

These are the top 10 free games on Kongregate. Do you have other favorites?