Play This: Magic Orbs

Play This: Magic Orbs

The end of the week is near and you might be tired now, but try to summon all the strength you might have left and play Magic Orbs, a really cool puzzler that certainly deserves today’s free flash game of the day award here in the Unigamesity. Read on to find out more about this cool flash game!

Magic Orbs challenges you to find your way into heart of the lost temple, going through a fascinating magic maze to find an ancient treasure. Magical and mechanical barriers are closing the path to it, and only power of the magic orbs will help you in this exciting journey.

It doesn’t seem like much, but there is: the magic orbs are of different colors and you can only carry two at a time. Add to that the fact that some doors require you to carry a specific orb in order to be able to open it, while other doors won’t open if you have an orb of a certain color with you. And this is when the fun kicks in!

The first levels are merely there to get you used with the challenges you’ll encounter and even some of them are quite difficult to finish. However, all the puzzles are extremely logical and I’m sure that, in the end, you’ll be able to finish them and enjoy a rather great product.

So head over to Armor Games and play Magic Orbs now. Have fun!