If you feel like playing a quality adventure game for free, read on to find out more about today’s free flash game of the day, Otomaco. Created by the same team behind the also awesome Mandrake, this title will take you to a fantasy land you’ll certainly get to love.

The official description of the game tells us about the story: Three explorers from Asauri Valley are in search of the legendary city of Otomaco and a great treasure. Help them overcome the dangers and complete their journey. Good luck!

In terms of gameplay, you’ll get a first person adventure title and you’ll notice that the developers paid more attention to details and all those little elements that make a game such a pleasure. There’s also a walkthrough packed with Otomaco since you’ll most likely get stuck eventually – so it’s all sugar and honey when it comes to today’s free flash game of the day.

Head over to Play181 and give Otomaco a try. Have fun!