Play This: Witch

Play This: Witch

Imagine that you’re in a forest together with your little sister or brother (depending on your genre) and while you’re having fun running the kite you hit a Witch which (sic!) goes mad and kidnaps you two to turn you into a tasty soup. What would you do in that case? Well, ally with the mouse and do your best to escape!

I know this might have no point for you but it will as soon as you try out Witch, today’s free flash game of the day – an amazingly funny little game you’ll simply love to play, no matter if you’re a witch in real life or just a kid. Because everything’s safe when there’s a happy ending, right?

Basically a combination between an escape the room game and an adventure, in Witch you’ll have to guess the right combination of clicks you have to apply on different things in the room and I guess that you won’t be able to do it without the help of the walkthrough that comes packed with the game.

Either way, simply watching the story and enjoying the flawless visuals deserves your 10 minutes (it’s a very short game, yes) and in the end you will be left smiling, googling for similar titles. Until then, just head over to Indieluft and play Witch. Have fun!