Play This: Trickochet

Play This: Trickochet

What happens if you combine the concept of pool (as in billiards) with some physics, a purple monster and tons of obstacles in its way? Well, Trickochet is born, the winner of today’s free flash game of the day award and a pretty fun game (until you get stuck at level 15 and have to wait for the walkthrough to load).

The game’s description seems to agree with me: “No matter what angle you see it from, this game is better than playing billiards in heaven,” which sounds a bit spooky if you ask me. Still, it means that the game is indeed fun and if you consider yourself a trick-shot master, then definitely this title is for you!

The first several levels will be really easy, teaching you the basics of the Trickochet – common sense stuff that adds and blends incredibly nice to create a really complex and challenging experience in the later stages. You can shoot the balls at invisible boards, you will have to jump and shoot perfectly in most cases, while trying to avoid traps and generally you’ll have to replay the levels at least once in order to get the job done. And if things get extremely difficult, Trickochet comes packed with a walkthrough so you’ll find your way out – usually if you’re skilled enough.

So head over to the GamesGames website and play Trickochet. Have fun!