I’m sure that today’s free flash game of the day title made you think of the world’s most famous plumber and you were right to do so – Enough Plumbers is an old school platformer inspired by the Mario games, but with lots of extra goodies added for some extra flavor and challenge. The best part? It’s all FREE to play!

Just like the old school platformers, Enough Plumbers doesn’t offer you any story, nor more than one screen to play per level – and strangely that’s not a Con at all! You control a blue plumber whose only goal is to reach the flag. Wait! Did I say one plumber?

The fun part in the games comes from the fact that collecting coins in this game will create clones of your plumber, so there will be tons of them to be controlled during each level. Unfortunately, most of them won’t make it to the end and will have to be used for activating various switches or simply as sacrifice for the fire gods and the gameplay itself.

There are quite a few levels to play for free in Enough Plumbers and most of them are a real joy – especially if you’re fond of classic, old school gaming and I urge you to give this title a try and feel the long gone days once again.

Click here to play Enough Plumbers and have fun!