Are there any zombies-themed tower defense games? Now there are thanks to the amazing Undead City, a game you’ll be playing until the boss threatens to fire you or your mom blasts in yelling that it’s past midnight. Really, today’s free flash game of the day is simply amazing and addictive and you’ll all go “Braaaaaains” after giving it a try by following the link at the bottom!

Undead City is, as I said in the intro, a tower defense game where the “towers” are humans their defensive duties are against hordes of invading zombies: crawling ones, fast ones, fat ones and so on. The game takes place somewhere in an infested city and your job is to make sure that none of the brains-loving beasts manages to go through.

In order to do that you have four types of soldiers, from regular pistol carrying ones to laser-armed grannies, so fun will definitely be a factor in Undead City. However, the upgrades of the units, as well as their general powers are more of a guessing game at first and they are not as impressive as we’ve been used with by other tower defense games, but still the game remains fun. Even though it’s not that complex and there are no special powered towers (like slow downs, blasts and so on) and even if you don’t know the actual health of the zombies you’re fighting against. Basically, as long as there are zombies, we can be very forgiving, right?

Undead City is fast and not very complicated, so if you’re a fan of the genre or if you like blasting brain-eating zombies away, click the link and have fun!