I’m sure that today’s free flash game of the day title, The House 2, sounds awesome for the fans of the spooky, horror adventure genre who enjoyed SinThaiStudio’s original game years ago. Just like The House, the sequel is scary and extremely well done and only the most daring should try to play this game – recommended with the lights on and some friends around.

Because, yes, The House 2 is that scary! Telling a story similar to that of the original game, you find a creepy looking and always dark house in which an entire family committed suicide and, of course, you have to explore it, even though the locals strongly believe it is haunted. Sounds hellishly interesting already, right?

The fact is that The House 2 is not that much of a challenge in terms of gameplay, even though it is a pretty well done adventure game, but it certainly excels on the spook factor, keeping you glued to the chair in front of the computer screen until the end. And you’ll certainly jump up a few times while playing. You’ll have to click and read and follow the story, scared by the piano and the flashes, but you’ll certainly wish to play once more and maybe a third time too, just to prove to yourself that you can handle that much pressure.

The House 2 is intense and really well done, but be warned that if you are not into serious horror, it would be better to simply ignore this title. Otherwise, have fun playing it!