Do you know what time of the year it is? Let me give you a hint, It’s that time of year in which we find ourselves surrounded by those we love– full of joyous spirits and drunk on affection. That special season where we bundle ourselves up by the warm and crisp glow of our bright computer monitors, watching with anticipation and sweaty palms the time slowly tick by, as we impatiently rock to ourselves in agony.

Wait. What? Christmas?… no.. It’s the Steam Holiday Sale sillies!

Every year thousands of pc gaming enthusiasts cry (in joy and suffering) as the prices of games on Valve’s Steam platform plummet drastically for the special Holiday Season. To celebrate this joyous gaming occasion, I, on behalf of Unigamesity, picked up a few special treats that could go under any one of your virtual trees!

To win one of the five game codes, like and share this post on Facebook with why you think you deserve a game, then leave a comment on this post . Limit one entry per person. The deadline is the day after Christmas here in the U.S., at 11:59 p.m. EST (12/26)

If there are not at least 50 entries by the end of the contest, it will be extended to Saturday, 12/28– if not by then

One chosen post will get my favorite Steam game, The Showdown Effect– four others will be chosen, and receive a game at random! If you already have one of them, you will unfortunately not be given a game, and another contestant will be chosen. Remember, you must also have Steam.


Happy Holidays from Unigamesity Everyone!