Ever since Blizzard launched Hearthstone and it proved to be so insanely, spectacularly successful, playing CCGs no longer seemed to be what the geekiest of the geeks, the nerdiest of the nerds do and more and more studios started to release card battling games to offer variety and take a piece of Blizzard’s pie. Another game that tries to lure you in is Eternal Destiny, a new card battler that comes to Steam on April 21. And it looks very interesting!

It looks interesting because, instead of monsters from hell and other mythical, fantasy or simply frightening characters, Eternal Destiny gives us a lot of innocent looking female characters that seem to have come out from your favorite anime or manga. And that’s a good thing, because sometimes some innocent sexyness is always welcome! (Because, you know, even though you can get amazed with bingo games at any point, there’s more that you can get from cards and potential visits to a gaming room!)

Of course, Eternal Destiny is not just about the eye candy. There are more than 500 cards to collect and use to build your perfect deck, intense strategic battles and card upgrades, different modes of play and much, much more. Here is a list of some of the most important features of the game:

· 500+ cards, all with professional voice acting and eye-catching animation
· Evolve your cards by stacking two of the same card
· Defeat enemies by combining cards with various skills, abilities, and attributes
· Art featuring cute, strong, and sexy girls
· Story mode: solve problems as a new Agent with unique allies, and enjoy visual-novel-style storytelling
· Online mode: defeat your friends online with high-level strategy
· Dungeon mode: explore dungeons, level up, and obtain rare cards
· Collect unique cards inspired by famous myths, legends, and H.P. Lovecraft
· Pick sides and choose your favorite faction

This really sounds like a great game – and looks like one we’ll enjoy as well, as we can see on its Steam page. Make sure to check it out right away and get ready to get it on April 21st!