Retro gaming by its nature is a fast growing part of the gaming industry. Not only does the gaming past influence the development of games we play today, but it also finds fans who like to look back at how games used to be. Influencing pop culture, it also brings a certain style to the world around it in interesting ways.

Below are some of the things that retro gaming fans can buy to celebrate their love of all things gaming old. From coffee mugs to actual retro gaming machines there are a lot of cool things out there that fans are likely to love.

Retro Consoles
For those of us who no longer have the old consoles to play the games, there is a way to go back to the good old days. New machines like the Retro Bit Super Retro Trio allow gaming fans to run NES, SNES and Mega Drive games all on console. All you need is to have the cartridges on hand to play them. With these being cheap to buy now, it won’t take long to build up a good retro collection.

Retro Mugs
When you work in the office, or even at home you need a good mug for your tea or coffee. Showing off your love of all things retro can be done with a mug, and can be done in style. One good example of this is the Mega Man Mug that can be seen here. Not only a celebration of the game, but also stylish it is bound to tug on the heartstrings of all Mega Man fans.

8-Bit Art
One of the most persistent aspects of retro games is the art style, and 8-bit has always been popular. There are plenty of artists out there who work in 8-bit designs now, and we see plenty of new games that use the style. Always described as the “retro style” it is surprising that 8-bit is here to stay, but it seems that it’s not going anywhere for now.

Whether it is playing retro games (check world of online bingo here), celebrating its art or even drinking out of a mug it appears that gaming past is here to stay. We celebrate the games that we remember growing up with, and the fact that these games are still popular shows that there are plenty of other people who love them too. Just beware the fact that some things that are seen as retro may make you feel old. You have been warned.