lenovos10eI have just purchased a Lenovo Ideapad S10e netbook for some extra mobility. Unfortunately, I had no idea that the S10e netbook from Lenovo only supports a resolution of 1024×576 (unlike the regular Ideapad S10 which runs in 1024×600). This means, in other words, that playing games might be a tough call. However, I have created a list of games you can run on your Ideapad S10e netbook plus some tips on running games on Lenovo’s netbook.

First of all, it’s worth mentioning that basically every game that runs in a 640×480 resolution (aka VERY old games) can be run on a Lenovo Ideapad S10e netbook. These games, however, are generally old DOS games that you might no longer have. Fortunately, with the help of a small program called DosBox and a visit to an abandonware website (a site where old games that are no longer available for purchase can be downloaded for free) you might get about a ton of such games and play them. They won’t look as good as Crysis, but the S10e ain’t a super gaming rig either!

However, except for the oldies, there are still some more recent games that can run on Indeapad S10e netbooks flawlessly or at least acceptable. Here is a list of games that can be played on a IdeaPad S10e:

1. Operation Flashpoint
2. Fallout 1 & 2
3. Beyond Good & Evil
4. Red Alert 1
5. Red Alert 2 (and Yuri’s Revenge)
6. Unreal Tournament 99
7. Killing Floor
8. Mafia
9. Plants vs Zombies
10. Old Delta Force titles
11. Command & Conquer Renegade
12. Hitman 47
13. Manhunt
14. Pharaoh
15.World of Goo
16. Call of Duty
17. Heroes of Might and Magic III
18. Heores of Might and Magic IV
18. Icewind Dale
17. World of Warcraft also runs acceptable

Handy tip for playing games on the Lenovo IdeaPad S10e: even some of the games mentioned in the list above (like HoMM III for example) won’t run in the native resolution of 1025×576 (if you have the regular S10, you won’t have these problems) and you will have to adjust some settings for your display:

Set the resolution to 800×600. In order to do so, right click on your desktop and select Properties. Under the Settings tab hit the “Advanced” button. In the new window, click on the Monitor tab and uncheck the “Hide modes that this monitor can’t display” option. Click OK and adjust the resolution to 800×600.

PLEASE NOTE: in order to return to the 1024×576 resolution, you will have to re-check again the “Hide modes that this monitor can’t display” option. Also, while in the 800×600 resolution, you will have to do a little scrolling up and down to see the entire screen. Not a real biggie, though since otherwise you won’t be able to run some of these games (like Heroes of Might and Magic III)!

And here you are! Some tips on how to play games on the Lenovo IdeaPad S10e and what games to play there. I do believe that the list of games that can be played is bigger, so if you tried and were able to play other title, please share them with the other Lenovo S10e owners in the comments below!


  1. Yes I`am trying the Heroes of might and magic 3 to run but it does no work,anyone has a tip for me how to make it work?
    Diablo 2 lord of destruction works only in window mode,I tried it a few days ago…

  2. Ha!I made it!Both Diablo 2 lord of destruction and Heroes of might and magic3 works perfectly well on full screen mode!I used the tip written above about the 800X600 resolution and it worked!!! I`am gonna try more games that way in the coming days and report back as soon as I find something

  3. Age of wonders and Baldur`s Gate work perfect on any resolution.
    Heroes of might and magic 4 does not work for me if any one has a solution please share.

  4. UT04 demo seems to work on the S10e with minimal stuttering under lowest graphics setting and 640×480 resolution

  5. thanx for the list though i cant be satisfied on the whole 800×600 res thing i can and do get Homeworld 1 and 2 running smooth as silk on my Idealpad

  6. Добавляю к списку игр еще пару замечательных времяKILLеров ЗУМА любая Контр Страйк 1.6 и Энгри Бердс………)))))))

  7. To run GTA SA all u have to do is attach the s10e to a bigger screen..any computer screen and run the gta sa feom there…and in the game lower the resolotion and it will run on ur lenovo s10e screen
    as for other games….age of mythology (and the tiitans expansion) work great…also kane 1 and 2 and that other game about raziel work great…unreal tornament 2004 worked for me without changing anything..in ther words any game that doesnt need vertix shader to run can be played on s10e….if anyone has any questions about the gaming in the s10e lenovo just say and ill give u my email to help u


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