wolfenstein-salesStrange sales numbers for Activision: the latest numbers from NPD tell us that Wolfenstein only managed to sell a bit over 100K copies in the first five days on market. And not only on PC, but all platforms combined! Having in mind that not only it is a good game but also one that received generally positive reviews and was marketed by the developers and publishers, we can say that unfortunately, Wolfenstein is a failure in terms of sold copies.

1UP reports that just 106,000 units were sold, out of which just 17,000 being of the PC version. Which is very low, having in mind that Fossil Fighters, for example, sold on Xbox 360 92,000. And what the hell is Fossil Fighters?

If you somehow didn’t know about Wolfenstein’s launch or you’re still unsure if you should buy it or not (especially since the sales seem to say “NO”), check out Unigamesity’s Wolfenstein review and decide if you should get it or not!