bubble-tanksThere’s been so much time since I last played a solid tower defense game that I almost forgot such games existed. Fortunately, today’s free flash game of the day comes like a thunder to remind us all how cool – and how challenging – tower defense games are. Bubble Tanks Tower Defense is the game I’m talking about and I invite you to read more to find out what makes this free flash game such a great choice!

At the first glance, Bubble Tanks Tower Defense seems to be nothing but a “bubbles”-themed version of the classic Desktop Tower Defense game. But just seconds after playing you will realize that it’s a lot more than that! It starts slowly with upgradeable towers – there are three regular branches a tower can be upgraded to (each with it’s own next upgrades) plus a special upgrade that turns the tower into a boost, and there are a few to choose from. So yes, we can talk about tons of different possible strategies only from this point.

But, you’ve guessed it right – there’s much more in Bubble Tanks Tower Defense! First of all, there are more enemy types (the classic, slow, fast, regenerative, ghosts etc), and some levels feature only one type of enemy, meaning that certain types of towers are useless. Also, you can create some mega towers by upgrading four of your own towers to the maximum level (only if the four create a square). The mega tower can really cause some damage, as you can imagine – but things don’t stop here! You can also combine mega towers between themselves and create the Mega-Mega Tower, a huge and impressive critter destruction unit.

The number of levels in Bubble Tanks Defense is enough to occupy your entire morning (or evening, or even day) and let me tell you that some of these levels seem like impossible things to beat (but they’re not).

So head over to Kongregate and give today’s free flash game of the day, Bubble Tanks Tower Defense, a try! Have fun!