kitchen-escapeDozen Games decided to offer us a really cool escape the room game today, Kitchen Escape, one that will challenge our mystery solving capacity and at the same time delight us with high quality. The only problem with the game is that it could’ve been better with a bigger screen – most of the images seem to be a bit flattened and that’s quite annoying!

However, today’s daily escape game Kitchen Escape made me remember the great Room Escape series (with games like Escape the Bathroom) and I am sure you’ll get the same feeling after playing this one. You have quite a few room areas to explore (four of them, as in classic escape the room titles) and a lot of challenges to solve.

The pixel hunting is kept to a minimum and the puzzles are smart and, I repeat, quite challenging, so the most experienced escape the room game fans will have a great time with Kitchen Escape, even though it’s a bit more difficult than your regular game.

Head over to the Dozen Games website and give Kitchen Escape a try yourself. Oh, yes – and good luck with the knobs! (If you are unlucky or simply stuck, check back soon in the Unigamesity for a complete text walkthrough for Kitchen Escape – their video walkthrough isn’t too good!)