new-who-amiYou’ve gotta love these talented escape the room game developers – they are inventive and talented enough to create a wonderful free flash game, but they can’t find a good title no matter what. As a solid example stands today’s daily escape, New Who Am I. Not Who Am I 2, as it would’ve made some more sense, but “New”. Oh, boy!

Fortunately, the name of the flash game is the only thing that sucks about the game as the experience is great, especially since it’s a polished – over and over again – game. As a bit of history, the original escape the room game in the series (Who Am I) was released quite a while ago and soon after Who Am I Remake was released to amaze us all. Today, with New Who Am I… the saga continues and the question remains.

Finding out all the details about yourself is the fun part and everything is done great: the pixel hunting is reduced to minimum frustration thanks to a changing cursor, the inventory is easy to use and puzzles are also easy to solve. Plus that there’s a hint system incorporated, making it even easier for you to find out the new answer for the new question in New Who Am I. There are a lot of “new”’s here!

But enough talking. Head over to Robamimi and play New Who Am I now! Have fun!