living-roomed-escapeEvery now and then, Gamershood manage to release a really high quality escape the room game and fortunately today is one of those days: Living Roomed Escape grabs today award for the best escape the room game of the day and is a must play for all fans of the genre!

Even though at first it doesn’t seem like there’s much to do in the living room, you’ll soon find out that there are more hidden objects and puzzles than you can imagine at first. Add to that some photorealistic visuals and you have some serious reasons to understand that Living Roomed Escape is a quality game.

It might be a little too short (the sin of most Gamershood games) and with a bit too much pixel hunting involved (the sin of most escape the room games), but I still had some really fun time playing Living Roomed Escape, so I honestly recommend it to you all – click here to head over to the game’s website and play it. Have fun!

And if you somehow get stuck along the way, check back soon on Unigamesity as I’m preparing a complete walkthrough for the game!

UPDATE: As promised, the Living Roomed Escape walkthrough is here. Click the link to check it out!