quake-flashBack in 1996 Quake was released and since then it is considered one of the best first person shooters ever made. Of course, it has no story and the level design is created with only one purpose in mind: shoot as many monsters as possible, even if they somehow climbed on various things and have no real reason to be there.

Now, almost 14 years after the release of id’s Quake, we get a chance to play the exact same game directly in our browsers – Quake Flash (the shareware version of the game, that is). And it will be quite a challenge for the young ones – since back then shooters were real games and you had limited life (that did not recharge if you hid behind a barrel!) and monsters were able to cause some serious damage.

For the experienced gamer, Quake Flash will be an amazing trip back in time when sweet memories will be brought to life. Controlling the game goes really smooth, the graphics have that retro look we all love and, no matter how you put it – it’s Quake. Flash, free and awesome.

Check out today’s free flash game of the day by clicking on this link here. Or, if you prefer a more “next gen” version, find out some details about Quake Live!