fgotmdDecember was a really busy month here in the Unigamesity with all of us getting ready for 2010 and trying to figure out the best surprises for you in the new year. Therefore, we had little time to play the great flash games released this month – and there were quite a few of them! – but I promise we’ll make it up for you and deliver much more in 2010. However, until then, let’s check out the best flash games of the month December 2009!

Paper Cannon – we all love some physics based, puzzling shooting game. And when you shoot your paper cannon at fluffy little bunnies, the fun gets even bigger, so try out this game and you’ll certainly have a blast.

Mandrake 1 – a really complex adventure from the creators of a well known series amongst the flash game fans (the Tortuga series), Mandrake promises great things to come in future games while also giving you a real challenge.

Beard of Santa – there were lots of Christmas themed flash games released in December (obviously), and Beard of Santa was one of the most fun and at the same time sickest games released during that period. I won’t spoil any surprises for you, so better check out the game for yourself!

Tannenbaum Escape – Another Christmas themed escape the room game, this time a little bit more sober. Easy to finish, playing this game will feel like going on a romantic walk with your friend, mister Mistletoe.

White House Escape – well, in these tough economic times the last person you’d like to be is the President of the US of A, right? Well, if you agree with this statement, then you will certainly love to find the escape out of the White House. Good luck!

The 12 Days of Christmas! – a fun little puzzle game created by our walkthrough expert Prid, this little game is a bit outdated already, but still a great play. Don’t forget to check out its walkthrough for more information!

And if you finish these games too soon, you can also check out a few really cool hidden object/escape the room games recommended by Prid, which also come with a walkthrough to help you finish the games ASAP: Find Tealy 2, Jewelery Shop Escape, Bank Locker Escape, Batman Escape, Santa’s List or Xmas Toy Room Escape.

Don’t forget to check back often for more great free flash games for you!