beard-of-santaWith Christmas getting closer and closer, I am trying to find all the possible Christmas-themed flash games you can enjoy for free and I must admit that it’s not really the easiest job on earth! However, I did manage to find a really cute escape the room game (at least in theory) titled Beard of Santa.

This little flash game is not exactly the most suitable Christmas game since it’s quite silly and doesn’t really seem to have any points – not to mention the fact that the ending might disappoint some, but it’s still a pretty cool game especially for this Wednesday morning when I have a terrible headache and anything just a bit more difficult would make my head explode.

Beard of Santa is not challenging, nor lengthy, but it helps you lose a few pounds of stress, which is always a good thing. It would’ve went well with some Christmas-themed tunes on the background or some anti-Christmas themed tunes and it would’ve definitely been a better flash game if the colors were easier to see. Hopefully, since the game is quite short, your eyes won’t start crying.

Check today’s daily escape game for yourself by clicking this link to play Beard of Santa. Have fun!