paper-cannonToday’s free flash game of the day is a pretty cool physics/shooting title developed by Heroik, Paper Cannon, and ready to make you waste one day while trying to get all the one eyed-bunnies (they might not be bunnies after all but just some creepy monsters, but “one eyed-bunnies” sounds oh so much better!)

Paper Cannon offers you 30 free levels in which you will have to shoot the cannon ball over obstacles right near the fluffy creatures and blast their eyes away. The game is quite challenging – you will see that from the first level! Also, it has a few “quick” levels to go through, just to make sure that the frustration levels don’t go too high.

The charming fact about Paper Cannon is the simple yet quite effective hand-drawn graphics: the game looks like one drawn in a hurry (but by a talented person) on a piece of paper, at school. And we all know how cool it is to do anything but paying attention at school!

On the downside, I found a few levels pretty poorly done – especially those without a “ceiling” in which you had to shoot over obstacles, but usually your cannons didn’t make their way back down from whatever reasons. But nobody is perfect, unfortunately, and Paper Cannon is no exception from the rule.

However, the game is quite nice, so you can give it a try for free here. Have fun!