tannenbaum-escapeI’m sure that this won’t be the last Christmas-themed escape the room game we’ll feature here in the Unigamesity and clearly it will be just one of the few flash games you’ll be able to play on Christmas to get into the mood. Tannenbaum Escape is today’s daily escape feature and the only thing we should wonder about is why wasn’t it called Christmas Tree Escape…

Either way, the game is created by Escape Fever (who delivered previous daily escapes like Sassy Cat Escape and Electric Escape) and it delivers the same high quality that we’re expecting to get from them, plus, according to their words, “Santa himself has created some puzzles for you to test your christmas spirit.” Pretty catchy, right?

The game itself comes with a bit of pixel hunting – something we don’t like; but it also has some pretty clever puzzles and a medium difficulty level – something we can take during a cold Wednesday morning. And, of course, Tannenbaum Escape brings us that little bit of Christmas spirit that’s needed to get us in the mood for the best holiday of the year. So yeah, it’s a great start.

Check out Tannenbaum Escape for yourself by clicking here and remember to check back soon if you get stuck since I will post a walkthrough for the game really soon. Have fun!

UPDATE: As promised, the Tannenbaum Escape walkthrough is here!