electric-escapeThere’s a new flash game developer that will focus on delivering escape the room games and based on their first title, Electric Escape, they have a bright future ahead.

With really clean visuals and a new navigation system that seems more natural than the classic “360 degrees rotation”, Electric Escape is pretty short and simple, but tricky enough to keep you wishing for more.

You can check out the game by clicking on the link below and you can discuss the solution in the comment section below! Have fun!

Click here to play Electric Escape.


  1. Man, it’s ez! Here’s a walkthrough for y’all

    Click to the left of the computer monitor — get blue wire
    Click to the left of the laptop computer — get red wire
    Click the yellow post it notes on the bulletin board and get green wire
    Click the seat of the red desk chair and get a ball from the back corner under the desk
    Click the down arrow to turn around
    Get the ball from the back of the monitor
    Click the bottom shelf on the wall by the mugs — get the ring
    Turn around again and turn right
    Click into the bathroom and zoom in behind the left sink faucet — get another ball
    Go back to where you see the bathroom and click left of the cup — get another ball
    Back all the way out so you see the room again
    Click the bed pillows
    Zoom in and take the glove from under the top of the blanket
    Drag the ring in your inventory and combine it with the glove
    Back out so you are looking at the bed again
    Click under the top of the bed and get the last ball. Note the b and g clue on the wall
    Back up and turn around again
    Drag the glove/ring to the door handle
    Drag the red wire to the bottom of the glove
    Click the red wire where it comes out to the right of the chair arm
    You will see a cube that needs completing
    Add the balls (just drag them, they will go to the right places)
    Add the blue and green wires — blue on the left and green on the right side of the cube like the b g clue said
    (both are on balls closest to you — green on the top right middle ball and blue on the leftmost middle ball)
    Back up and click the door


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