zombie-farmAh, zombies! Probably one of the most appreciated disgusting creatures – and usually used as the enemies in computer games. Not that I have any problem with that, but if somebody offers me something different, I will totally give it a try. And that’s exactly what Zombie Farm is delivering: something different, and that is exactly why it grabs today’s free flash game of the day award!

Zombie Farm basically puts you in charge of a zombie army that has one single goal: to conquer the entire world, city by city. Unfortunately, the game’s world is just 13 cities big (coincidence?) so you will be finishing the game pretty quick, but only after you finish the game once, you will be ready to try it again with a new strategy.

Basically, just like in Pandemic: American Swine, you control the “infestation” in your lab: you either improve your zombies’ stats (attack or defense), lower their hunger or rage in order to get even more zombies after a successful attack. However, unlike in American Swine, you try to destroy the world and not save it. Works fine for me!

Zombie Farm is relatively easy once you get to know it and after a few go’s it becomes a bit boring, but I am sure that if the developer will improve it and deliver a more in-depth sequel, we’ll have a hell of a strategy game and a potentially golden award winner. See for yourself by clicking on the link to the game and don’t forget to share with the others your strategy and tips for getting a high score in Zombie Farm!

Click here to play Zombie Farm. Have fun!