pandemic-american-swineToday’s free flash game of the day could be considered a bit disturbing and clearly an odd experience: Pandemic: American Swine is a free flash game set in the near future, where you have to battle against the swine flu pandemic in the United States. And trust me, it’s not an easy job, especially since the setting as well as the music is quite apocalyptic.

Pandemic: American Swine is developed by Dark Realm Studios and it’s quite complex if we are to judge it, but it’s not the complexity what makes it such a must play and a valuable game. It is the quest it tasks players with: to save the United States of America from the swine flu, it’s the information regarding the amazing casualties this pandemic can cause and it’s a huge alarm signal for everybody living in this world: you should only “play” with the swine flu on Kongregate and not in real life.

Gameplay-wise, today’s free flash game of the day is offering only the minimum necessary: you ca control the actions to be taken in the US, such as distributing masks, distributing the vaccine, setting a quarantine or even… nuking out a city. Like completely.

Of course, we are talking, after all, about a game and not something that is connected with the reality, but some of the things you might be forced to do (like ultimately nuking down an entire state) are quite shocking since you will ask yourself every now and then: “Oh my God, what if Pandemic: American Swine was true?”

The great thing is that the game is just a game and in reality things are different. So go on and play the “What if” scenario over at Kongregate. It’s free and fun and deeply thought-provoking!