seven-screenshotSeven, a pretty cool physics-based puzzler that can be played for free from your browser is today’s pick for the five minutes break at the office. It is indeed short and fun (even though, naturally, it gets really frustrating if you can’t figure out what to do) and due to its graphics can be considered quite an experience.

You play as a character that resembles those in the Katamari series, but here you’ll have to collect seven stars and save a strange planet from… well, I have no idea from what, but the thing is that you must collect seven stars in seven stages.

The puzzles in Seven are pretty smart and interesting, but they’re incredibly short compared to the waiting screens you have to endure between each level. So yes, most of your five minutes break playing will be waiting for the game to load but hey! Nobody is perfect. And just to save you of some frustration, make sure that the money collecting level gives you a lot of money. You’ll see what I mean if you decide to take Seven to the last level.

And if you wish to (completely free and in your browser), all you have to do is head over to the game’s official website and get ready to do some puzzle solving.