wizard-defenseToday’s free flash game of the day is Wizard Defense, a really cool tower defense game that can be played completely free from your browser. And it is indeed a must play since it adds some interesting and impressive changes to the genre – something that will literally make you more involved with the whole gameplay process.

This means that instead of the classic tower building/upgrading process and waiting for the waves to come and go, you will take the role of the spell caster and you’ll have to destroy the creeps yourself by clicking on them. Wizard Defense also adds four different entrance paths for the creeps and a relatively short route they’ll have to walk, so soon you will start clicking madly on everything that moves. Unfortunately in my case it was also some random clicking and it didn’t really pay out.

Either way, I must admit that I was impressed with today’s free flash game of the day, Wizard Defense. The number of monsters is varied enough – as well as the impressive amount of spells that can be used (four categories with three spells each – all upgradeable in four areas) but the only problem I had was with the number of creeps invading the play area compared to my skills. I am sure, however, that there must be a winning move I didn’t find out yet, so excuse me while I go and play Wizard Defense a little bit.

And I really encourage you to do the same: simply follow the link to Kongregate and give this great flash game a try!