city-invasionSince you are fresh starting this week, you must play a game that’s probably impossible to beat, but still a fun title to play: City Invasion, a free flash game that can be played in your browser without additional downloads. And you’ll only need five minutes to play it since after that you risk becoming incredibly angry.

City Invasion is basically a Warfare 1944 rip-off, which means that it puts you in the shoes of an army commander that has to take over the enemy’s headquarters (and make sure he protects his own). The units are created on a rock-paper-scissors set of rules, meaning that shotgun soldiers are good against grenade soldiers, grenade soldiers are good against shield soldiers and so on. There are some special units involved as well as special powers, but it all starts to lose sense soon.

Because, strangely, the enemy becomes incredibly powerful with the start of the fourth or fifth mission. Your soldiers are no longer able to destroy the enemy (even if you follow the rps rules) and you’ll soon start boiling with anger. But it’s OK, you can close the game, take a deep breath and say “well, at least I played this one too and beat the first level in 15 seconds!” Which is still nice.

So, for your five minutes break game, head over to the Armor Games website and play now City Invasion, a free flash game!