ying-yang-escapeEven though not quite correctly titled (Yin Yang being the correct form), today’s free flash game of the day comes as a simple yet refreshing breath of fresh air: a hidden object/escape the room game from Gamershood, a title that is neither too challenging nor too boring to play, but still a nice addition to the game of the day award series we have here on Unigamesity. Ladies and gentlemen, I present you Ying Yang Escape 2!

The main reason why I chose this simple and unoriginal game as the free flash game of the day is that, sometimes, we might feel the need to relax – just that, and not bust our brains out trying to solve complicated puzzles, defeat tons of enemies, click like mad persons trying find the correct pattern. No, sometimes we need to sit back, relax and enjoy a simple game that will make us happy. And that’s what Ying Yang Escape 2 does.

In order to succeed, you have to find and collect ten Yin Yang symbols and leave the black and white room. Not very challenging, neither too boring, Ying Yang Escape 2 is, as I said, a game you might finish in a few minutes if you have good eyes, you’re lucky and you know a thing or two about pixel hunting. If not, don’t worry – I’ll be posting a walkthrough for the game in the next few minutes!

Until then, head over to Gamershood and try out today’s free flash of the day, Ying Yang Escape 2.

UPDATE: As promised, I have posted the Ying Yang Escape 2 Walkthrough.