loom-custodyIt’s been a while since an escape the room game has won the flash game of the day award here at the Unigamesity, but things are changing now since we have Loom Custody, a great and challenging free flash game from Japanese devs Place of Light (one of the most appreciated escape the room devs).

Loom Custody, like most of such games, begins with no real background story: it’s just you in a prison and a note that reads “Oh my God, I’ve been captured!” But you don’t even need more to start clicking around and trying to find your way out of the cell. And trust me, it won’t be the easiest thing to do!

However, it won’t be the most difficult thing either, since Loom Custody, even though highly logical and quite challenging puzzle-wise is not really as great as other releases from Place of Light. We can say that it’s nothing but your regular above average escape the room game – which is still pretty hard to find nowadays when all sorts of dubious (to say at least) games invade the genre.

You should now follow the link and play today’s free flash game of the day, Loom Custody and remember to check back soon since I’m already working hard, writing a walkthrough for the game!

UPDATE: As promised, the Loom Custody walkthrough is here now!