loom-symbolsToday’s free flash game of the day award went to Loom Custody and as promised I now have a walkthrough for the escape the room free flash title. So read on to find out a detailed, step by step guide that’s here to help you beat Loom Custody and escape the room. The Loom Custody walkthrough follows:

1. Click on the water to the right of the door and pick up candle in the opening to the right.
2. Go back and click on the blue thing to the left of the door. Place the candle on that candle holder. Go back.
3. Click on the niche to the left and pick up bread from the plate. You can click on the plate to see letter “F”
4. Go back and left. Click on the table and read the note. You can also click to the right of the table to see “I=star”
5. Go to the room to the left and click on the table to put it back up. Click on the window and put bread on the feather. Go back.
6. Click on the window again and pick up the match near the bird. Go back and right.
7. Click on the light bulb. Use match with it and get a lit match. Go back and right.
8. Click on the candle and use match with it. Go back and left.
9. Click on the stone table and again on the note. Use the match with that white space between the brackets on the note. Remember the code!
10. Go back and click again on the table for a closeup. Click on the base of the table and enter the code there (the code is 608). Pick up the screwdriver. Go back twice and left.
11. Click on the table to move it beneath the panel and click the panel. Use the screwdriver with the plate and click on it to pick it up.
12. Go back and click the table again to move it right. Click on the water and use the plate with it to stop the water. Pick up the towel with an X on it.
13. Go back and left. Use the towel with the blood on the wall. Go right.
14. Move the table left again and click where the plate was. Click again on the opening with blue squares and enter the code as seen in the screenshot to the upper left that comes with the article (click to enlarge it, then click the back arrow on your browser to return to the walkthrough). The last symbol is a TRIANGLE.
15. Go back and pick up the hammer. Go back again and twice to the right.
16. Click the candle and notice the green string. Click it and wait to hear the boom. And enjoy even more puzzles!
17. Go left and click on the light bulb. Use the towel with it and go back.
18. Click on the table, then its right side to see the lilghtbulb. Use the hammer with it and pick up the key.
19. Go back and click below the table. Use the key with the blue door. Another code to enter. The code is 0533282 (FREEDOM).
20. Go back and up the stairs!

I hope you enjoyed my Loom Custody walkthrough. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to post a comment below!