If you can’t Escape the Haunted Mansion I have prepared a walkthrough for you to easily beat the game. The following guide offers step by step information on how to finish the flash game Escape the Haunted Mansion and find your way to freedom. WARNING: some parts of the game are REALLY scary! Now read on the Escape the Haunted Mansion walkthrough:

1. Click on the bottom right of the picture three times until it falls down. Pick up clock hand. Click on trashcan to notice the acid.
2. Go right and pick up the crowbar. Read the note on the wall and note the words written in red.
3. Go right and pick up piece of paper near the table. Now click on the crowbar and click to the left of the table with the phone until you open the floor. Get the key in there.
4. Go left and put the piece of paper in your inventory in the blood. Click on it and read the words.
5. Click on the door (scream on your seat) and use the key to unlock it. Enter.
6. Get the red clock hand and put the brown one in your inventory on the wall (act quick!)
7. Go back twice and right twice. Put the red clock hand on the wall and click on it to set it to the lower left symbol (“Lair” on the bloody note)
8. Click the clocks on the floor and set them as follows: the clock to the left to show 9:00 and the clock to the right to show 12:00. Another scary phantom will confirm the correct position of clocks.
9. Go left and enter the door with a red sign. Go forward and pick up a ring.
10. When the phone rings, click it. Then go left twice and put the ring in the trash can with acid.
11. Go right twice and click on the blue door’s handle. You’re out.

This was the walkthrough for the scary Escape the Haunted Mansion game. If you have any questions, ask them in the comments below!