knightfall2Today, as the game you should play during your five minutes break at office, I am recommending a sequel: Knightfall 2, an amazing sequel to an amazing and highly original game. A free flash title that can be played straight from the browser and appreciated no matter if you played the original or not.

However, if you did play the first Knightfall game from Megadev, you will see that the sequel has been greatly improved and most of the new additions are the result of the developers listening to the suggestions of the players. Which is always a great thing to do.

Now, gameplay wise, Knightfall 2 is simply addictive and awesome, and yet original and innovative, even though “just” a sequel. You control the Knight who has to conquer a new and ancient evil and, as always, he needs your help. The game mixes RPG and match-three puzzle elements together and the result is an impressive game that would, however, be more suitable to the puzzle fans rather than the hardcore RPG players.

The gameplay itself is quite interesting: during the “battles,” you don’t control the main character, but the playground. You can turn it left or right and remove the pieces as you see fit – and eventually complete each level your own way, which is incredible: there is no preset strategy, there are no pre-defined paths you should follow. It’s your own mind, your own strategy, your own game to play it as you wish!

This time, in Knightfall 2 you will also have a deeper RPG play: you can use items and grow your character’s abilities, and you can also use spells to help you progress. But using spells is not as easy as it is in other games: it is usually based on the number of removed blocks and enemies destroyed, so again different strategies apply. Basically, the only thing that limits the freeform play in Knightfall 2 is the AP system that is limited. However, even with that, you will still have enough to play around with and get addicted.

Visually, the game will remind you of the classic JRPGs, while the sound will make you remember those days when it was better if you turned it off and listened to a cassette with 2 Unlimited. Word!

Now go out there and play Knightfall 2 on Armor Games. It’s a must play if you have a few little five minute breaks at hand.