Play This: Vorago

Play This: Vorago

voragoToday’s free flash game of the day is an amazing adventure developed by Godlimation: Vorago, a truly unique experience and a really high quality game that can compete against many of today’s big budget point and click adventure games. So read on for my short review of the game and the link to play this amazing flash adventure which is available for free!

Vorago starts with a warning that it’s not intended to be played by people under the age 13 and I must say that it’s a guideline to follow: the game is a bit violent and inappropriate for kids. But for everybody else – it’s a gem.

A gem that begins quickly, with a couple surviving a car accident and finding themselves stuck in a really mysterious place: dark, a bit scary and, atop of everything, not really what it first seems to be. Not to mention the foggy town that adds to the mysterious nature of the game… so if you are up for a really intense game that will challenge you to do some thinking, Vorago is the best place for you.

The game is really lengthy and quite difficult in certain situations and, even though of an incredibly high quality, it tends to suffer from the “adventure game disease”: if you get stuck, you will find yourself clicking randomly (aka going pixel-hunting), hoping to find the inspiration or the next item needed to move forward. The navigation is also a bit clumsy every here and there and you will have to move from one screen to another until you’ll find your way around. But the most annoying part is inventory-related: you have to open up the inventory again after using an item and place it back in its spot.

Except for that, Vorago is a true flash game of the day: it has some really nice, hand drawn graphics, some top voice acting for a flash game and a story that makes sense and keeps you in front of the screen until the end of the game. Which might come a bit harder than you might be used with… but that’s a Pro, in the end.

So all you should do now is click the link and go play Vorago and remember to check back here at the Unigamesity for more details on games as wonderful as this one!