nano-tankToday’s free flash game of the day is an impressive physics based collect the object game, nanoTank. You must play this little Armor Games wonder just to see how much flash gaming has evolved past the years and simply taste a bit of the amazing work that’s in this game.

Challenging you with 20 levels (and offering all of them completely free of charge!), nanoTank tasks you with one apparently simple task: carry your toy-tank to the exit door. But along the way you will have to collect stars, jump over obstacles or shoot down things, blast your way through places that are not passable at the first sight and generally have a lot of fun playing the game.

From start our physics-based free flash game proves to be quite challenging, but we all love a challenge, don’t we? And either way, if playing nanoTank proves to be quite difficult, remember to check back soon and read the walkthrough for the game, which will be posted soon.

Until then, head over to the Armor Games website and play today’s free flash game of the day, nanoTank!

UPDATE: It’s ready! The nanoTank video walkthrough is now available in the Unigamesity!