underground-terror3dGot five minutes? Then you must play a quite interesting free flash game, straight from your browser: Underground Terror 3D, a shooter that carries you through 13 unlucky levels of incredible terror. So grab a cup of coffee, reload your gun and start shooting!

You won’t need more than five minutes to play with Underground Terror 3D from two reasons: first, the levels are short and intense, and second, I have all the level codes listed for you below, so you can choose your level after you see what the game is about. And it’s about killing zombies and other strange, nightmare-ish creatures. Who wouldn’t love that?

Of course, “variety” is not the first word that comes to one’s mind when thinking about Underground Terror 3D, but this is still a pretty enjoyable flash game that can be played for free, so I say you should give it a try. And if you have any problems with finishing the game, just come back here and check out the Underground Terror 3D level codes (for the first ten levels, the last three are up for you to shoot your way through!):

Level 2 code: GHRYSK
Level 3 code: WEKSLV
Level 4 code: BNEOPY
Level 5 code: YTDGHL
Level 6 code: FUOEKB
Level 7 code: QAZCVD
Level 8 code: DEHTGD
Level 9 code: KILSFC
LEvel 10 code: ETYSXF