The “New York Mysteries” series of hidden object adventure games continues with another amazingly high quality entry available for download over at Big Fish Games (check out the download link at the bottom of this article). But until we get to download the game, let’s see why it’s worth getting! Let’s start with the story:

“When a string of strange murders strikes New York City, you are called in to investigate. Witness reports point to otherworldly forces, since no human could have committed the crimes. You quickly realize the truth is even weirder than you could have imagined – a mysterious electrical force has been traveling through the city to claim its victims. Can you track down whomever – or whatever – is behind the murders and short circuit their deadly plans?”

The story is really interesting and it will keep you hooked throughout the game: I personally loved it and I am sure you will feel the same. The artwork and all settings are also great, perfectly completed by the soundtrack – one of the few that I didn’t turn off minutes after playing.

In terms of gameplay, you have it all there and the quality is great: the hidden object scenes are interactive and varied, while the mini games and puzzles are smart and interesting, keeping you busy and challenging you a bit, without being plain impossible.

All in all, New York Mysteries: High Voltage is a really good game that fans of the genre – and not only – will enjoy a lot. So head over to Big Fish Games and download it right away!