volcano-escapeWe continue our quality escape the room game highlighting with Volcano Escape: The Beginning, a really nice and at the same time thought provoking title by Nabossa Studio. Here the official description, to get you in the mood:

A volcano has erupted and its tremors have caused significant damage to your apartment block. Will you be able to escape alive?

Pretty basic, don’t you think? Well… the game itself is not as “basic” and it has some pretty cool puzles, a lot of exploring to do (and I simply love when escape the room games go further than the initial room – that’s what I call evolution!) and even a few situations, like the rescue chopper that tells you to call 911.

There is one annoyance, though: the inventory. Once you select an item, you will have to drop it back manually in the inventory in order to get rid of it, otherwise you’ll be stuck. Some easier access would’ve been better, but nobody is perfect, in the end, not even Volcano Escape: The Beginning. But it still remains a highly enjoyable title and you should definitely give it a try if you’re a fan of the genre.

Click here to play Volcano Escape: The Beginning.