cake-pirateWe’ve had all kinds of themes for our Tower Defense games, but one seems to get more popular nowadays: defend the cake! We previously had to defend an entire cake and today’s free flash game of the day challenges us to defend a cake factory from… pirates! Yes, some things don’t make sense, but that doesn’t mean that we are talking about poor quality as well!

The first thing that made me consider Cake Pirate (that’s the name of today’s game!) was the map: bigger than just one screen, with passages and extra features, like the two bases, the possibility to sell your “lives” (aka cakes) for more money, upgrade options and so on.

Unfortunately, balance-wise, the game seems a bit off. I didn’t get the time to play for a very long time, but I always had the feeling that the pirates are just a bit too fast or too strong for my towers who also happen to have quite short range.

Except for that, we have it all: different tower types, as well as different enemy types, lots of upgrade options, different “recipes” and 12 stages to play through. In other words, a serious game that will certainly entertain you during a boring, cold Friday afternoon. So… have fun playing it here!